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Product: Halotest
Analog: Halotestin,Halotest, Halo,
Halotestin, Halobolic, Halotestex
Product Code: 1104
Active Ingredient: Fluoxymesterone
Quantity: 60 tablets
Strenght: 10 mg/tab

-a strong androgen with a very low level of aromatization

-the athlete appears more massive

-helps the athlete get through difficult, intense training

Halotest - Fluoxymesterone.

Halotest (Fluoxymesterone) - oral steroid that is a derivative of testosterone and has a very high androgenic activity. Anabolic properties of this steroid contrary, are expressed quite weakly.

Halotest: Feature.

Because of the structure of its molecules fluoxymesterone completely exposed flavor, does not possess progestogenic activity, and not strongly stabilizes the androgen receptor. All this makes the drug unsuitable for gaining lean mass.

The main application of Halotestin - increase power performance of weightlifters when required gain strength without adding weight. Sometimes it is used by bodybuilders in the last week before the competition to make the muscles more stringent to achieve a better separation and definition. And also lose less muscle mass in the last days before the competition.

All effects of halotest are due to its strong androgenic activity. Halotest causes very strong aggression. Completely lost the fear of not cope with the weight on the bar. Also increases the production of hemoglobin, which increases endurance. Greatly reduced the time needed to recuperate after working with heavy weights.

Halotest: side effects.

As mentioned above, fluoxymesterone very strong androgen, respectively, from it you can get the whole set:

- fat skin

- acne

- dandruff

- aggression.

Women categorically it is impossible accept this androgen, virilization will be noticeable after the first tablet. However, testosterone is not suppressed strongly when applying Halotestin. You must also remember that fluoxymesterone is toxic for the liver. And, very much. So it's best during and after the course to support the liver in good condition, and reasonable approach to dosage and duration of the course.

Halotest: applying and combining

Fluoxymesterone can be used both solo and in combination with drugs such as trenbolone or nandrolone. And during drying - with trenbolone, Primobol. Will work well as combinations with stanazolol and oxandrolone, but it is worth remembering that the liver can sometimes keep.

Halotest: where to buy.

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