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Product: Testosterone E    
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Testosterone enanthate is the most common ester of testosterone. This drug has a strong androgenic and anabolic effects of high gain.
Therefore, athletes who take this steroid promptly receive a significant increase in strength and body weight. Powerful weight gain is accompanied by a strong accumulation of water in the tissues. Which may result in an increase in blood pressure.

The drug is very like athletes powerlifting and weightlifting, because testosterone enanthate gives considerable increase in strength.

Testosterone enanthate and Sustamed - Steroids number one in these sports.

Testosterone enanthate - is a long-acting steroid, which ensures its effects on the body within 2-3 weeks after injection.
Experienced athletes can use the drug 2-3 times during the week. Which corresponds to 500-750mg per week of substance. There are cases when the dosage reach 1 - 1.5gramma week.

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