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Product: Testosterone P     
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Propionate - one of the testosterone esters. It is popular among athletes for several reasons. Community - is its cheapness. It is the cheapest testosterone.

The second reason is that less than their counterparts propionate exhibits side effects of androgens, such as edema, accumulation of subcutaneous fat, ... What is extremely important during the "drying". But at the same time, the drug increases the body's ability to recovery even if the low-carb diet and does not fall power indicators.
The main difference of testosterone propionate enanthate and cypionate from - it's expiration date. Propionate - the shorter of testosterone esters.

Side effects of testosterone propionate are similar to the side effects of enanthate and cypionate, but they occur much less frequently. Despite this with genetic predisposition, as well as excessively high doses there is a probability of occurrence of such androgen-related side effects: acne, hair loss, hair growth on the body. Testosterone propionate is often increases libido in men and women taking the drug. Gynecomastia while taking propionate appears much less than when other testosterone esters, accumulation of fluid also less pronounced.

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