Many athletes who are just starting to take anabolic steroids use these tools to achieve tasks such as burning fat, increasing muscle mass, increasing strength, endurance. Thanks to modern science, it is possible to use steroids with maximum efficiency, while practically with complete absence of harm to health. Ready courses of steroids can be purchased at a specialized store. Thus, you will be able to achieve unprecedented results in the shortest time without harm to your health.

Up to twenty-one years, athletes should not take steroids. The thing is that the level of internal testosterone up to this age is quite high, without interference from outside. At this age in the body continues to form its own endocrine system.
Observe the recommended dosages, do not tighten the cycles!

During the course of steroids, nutrition and exercise are important - they should be more intense in this period than in the usual regime.
As for breaks between courses, they should be several times longer than the duration of these cycles.

Cycle for relief / drying the body
180 tablets Strombafort +80 tablets Clenbuterol + 20 tablets Tamoximed/Clomed(PCT). 6,5 weeks + 3 we..
The first cycle of steroids for beginners
The composition of course: Danabol (Methandienone active substance) + Strombafort (active ingredient..
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