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Product: Strombaject Aqua
Product Code: 2205
Active Ingredient: Stanozolol
Quantity: 5 ampoules
Strenght: 50 mg/ml

Strombaject Aqua(Stanozolol) - none other than a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, but the stanozolol is less active than the similar to him androgen.

Strombaject Aqua(Winstrol) - to show more anabolic effect than androgenic. DHT opposite shows only side effects inherent in androgenic steroids.

The anabolic properties of the drug  are inferior more potent drugs, but nonetheless strombaject aqua - reliable tool for building quality muscle.

The drug does not aromatize, which makes the use of anti-estrogens do not necessary. Chance of gynecomastia when using strombaject aqua extremely small even the most disposed to her athletes. Stanozolol also does not accumulate water in the tissues.

All of the above characteristics of strombaject aqua make it extremely useful steroid for use in short courses, when is not desirable water accumulation and Availability subcutaneous fat.
Because of the ability of stanozolol - to increase endurance, the drug is very popular in athletics, swimming, cycling ...
Strombaject aqua safer than its oral form - Strombafort because tabletted stanozolol influences the the liver.

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