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Product Code: 3313
Active Ingredient: Clenbuterol
Quantity: 300 tablets
Strenght: 40 mcg/tab

-Strongest Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Formula 

-Reduces Hunger and Appetite - Strongest Weight Loss Available

-100% Safe & Natural Ingredients

-Increase Muscle to fat Ratios, Stamina, Endurance, and Energy

-Central nervous system stimulation and Oxygen transportation

-Burns Fat Fast and also helps Build Lean Muscle

-Proven to Work - Guaranteed Weight Loss Formula

-LONG Lasting results with no crash

Brief description of the product:

  • Period of Activity: 6-8 hours
  • Drug Class: Beta-2-sympathomimetic/anti-catabolic
  • Dosage: 40-280 mg/day for men and 40-120 mg/day for women
  • Acne - no
  • The water retention in the body - no
  • Growth of blood pressure - sometimes
  • Aromatization - no
  • DHT conversion - no

Clenbuterol - a drug that impossible to ignore. The first of its useful quality - anti-catabolic effect, ie it does not allow deteriorate muscle tissue. Therefore prefer to use clenbuterol after steroid course, to retain a greater amount of muscle mass and  power rates.

The second advantage is the ability of the drug to promote fat burning, with a small increase in body temperature.

Third - the ability of clenbuterol to expand the bronchi, resulting in an effect that can be called "easier to breathe." During training it is very noticeable, increase in endurance due to a larger blood oxygen saturation.

Clenbuterol is very popular in of precompetitive preparation when you need burn off the extra body fat. He is not a bad fat burner. And if combine it with with thyroid hormone (the drug - Citomed, Strombafort), the fat burning effect is awesome.

As well clenbuterol enhances the action of steroids due to the acceleration of protein metabolism.

Spectrum of dosages is quite wide. Some !experienced! bodybuilders use to 240-280 mcg per day, which corresponds to 6-7 drug. This dosage is not used from the first day of admission, and is brought gradually, starting with one pill a day.

Clenbuterol - a non-steroidal the drug, so there are no side effects popular with anabolic and androgenic steroids. Therefore, it can be used, and successfully applied by women.

Do not take clenbuterol after 16 hours and drink enough fluids to 5-7 liters per day.

Side effects are basically temporary and will disappear after discontinuation of receiving the drug. Possible side effects include palpitations, headache, hand tremors, sweating, muscle spasms and cramps, high blood pressure.

Ketotifen eliminates mental excitement facilitates falling asleep and reduces heart rate, ie eliminates many side effects of Clenbuterol. As you can see, many side effects of Clenbuterol can be prevented with Ketotifen.

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